Welcome to Just Joan

I’ve started a blog.  Two blogs, actually.  The first, HR University, is about the human resources occupation and all things related.  It is my profession and passion, and it is my premier idea outlet.

But all work and no play makes me a dull girl.   So I decided a companion blog was in order – and here you are!  This space is for personal randomness and certain things, like my blue jeans after drying on high heat, that just don’t fit.


Thanks for joining me on my journey.


2 thoughts on “Welcome to Just Joan”

  1. As someone who is attempting a whole new career I can share some of your feelings. It is really rough out there and I have days where I think I am crazy and should just take a job somewhere, anywhere. I am craving structure and purpose, but am eternally grateful that finances are not my defining issue. However, for today, I am hopeful that clients will come and by next year I will be settled. On a laughable note, AT&T just sent me another bill for a business phone that has yet to ring. Bless my patient husband!

  2. The patient and supportive spouse is really a helpful resource in this situation. I think that that must help tremendously! I know you are just starting but you have your eye on a great and specific goal, which I think will help lead to success. I need to find that goal and your courage will hopefully rub off on me!

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