Social Media Ladder Contest Winner!

Thanks to everyone who entered and played!


2 thoughts on “Social Media Ladder Contest Winner!”

  1. Hi Joan! Thanks for the lovely surprise. My husband is somewhat dismissive of my social media life, so you can believe I enjoyed telling him this morning, “I made $100 ‘just twittering.'” He’s a non-believer and the second set of quotes is a reference to one of his pet phrases when he thinks I am wasting my time online. Maybe he will start to believe now… :)

    Anyway, I have great plans for the $100. I’ll be reporting back.

    Thanks again, Krista

  2. Hello again Joan;

    Just wanted to let you know my prize arrived. Thanks! What a nice way to finish out the week. I have been happily spending the money even before receiving it. So far, I have spent $70 on three great causes and am contemplating how I would like to pass on the remaining balance. I will keep you updated!

    Thanks again and have a great weekend.

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