Carnival of HR – Special Employment Edition

Maybe I should have called it the “Special Unemployed” Edition, because the purpose of this special Carnival is to highlight HR professionals who are unemployed, and these people are all pretty special!

Last week President Obama signed a jobs bill called the Hiring Incentives to Restore Employment (HIRE) Act.  This bill allows companies to avoid paying the employee‘s Social Security payroll tax for the rest of the year, AND allows the company to get a tax credit for next year if they keep that person working a year.  It’s a good deal, so tell your employers to hire one of these people!



Shauna is the ringmistress of the Carnival of HR, as well as the founder and co-host of the highly popular HR Happy Hour radio program.  She blogs as the HR Minion and can be found on Twitter using that name.  She is from the Minneapolis-St. Paul area of Minnesota.  You can read here, here,  and here why she is a valuable hire right now.


Ben hails from Cincinnatti, Ohio.  He has his MBA, and blogs at RethinkHR.  You can also find him on Twitter as @benjaminmcall.  If you want to see why he may be right for your organization, read his profile here.


Bob lives in Virginia, but he would like to relocate to the southwest (Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico) or northern California. He was profiled in the blog Do The Work by Franny Oxford, and you can read about Bob here as well.


Kim is brand new to the blogosphere (here), but she certainly isn’t new to the HR profession.  With 20 years of experience, she is now seeking work in the greater NYC area.  She has been profiled by Tammy Colson‘s Junkyard HR here, and you can find additional credentials on LinkedIn here.


Jim blogs and writes as HRPufNStuf, and goes by the name @jmdcomedy on Twitter.  He is a talented recruiting manager who lives in Minnesota, but is completely open to relocation.  Don’t hesitate!  Read more about him here and here.


Shennee is from  the York, Pennsylvania area and needs to remain nearby.  She blogs at Deeply Rutted and is the co-host of Compassionate HR. Here’s her profile from her archives:

I come from a strong Recruiting/Staffing Industry background. I am passionate and compassionate about the “human” in the Human Resources. What I enjoy the most about human resources is that no day is ever the same, and the challenge of making it work.  Everyday, I strive to learn something new, network, and be inspired by others. Personal/Professional development is a priority to me. Making  a Difference in people’s livelihood is what get’s me going in the morning.  My Human Resources background includes large and small organizations.  I started a blog and I am connected through Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.  I really LOVE working , and really want to get back to it!

What I am looking for:

  • I am based in Manchester, PA South Central PA Area. I am looking for a local commute. Virtual employment would be fantastic. I am married to an IT pro.
  • Human Resources is my focus.  I enjoy Recruiting/Sourcing/Training/Social Media
  • I am looking to collaborate with others,continue to develop my blog, and step outside of my “comfort zone”.
  • I am available to discuss part-time or full-time employment opportunities.

If anyone wishes to discuss this with me. I am available at:

Looking forward to connecting with you soon. Ready to hit the ground running!


Fluent in French, and conversant in Spanish and Mandarin Chinese, this talented woman needs a job in the greater New York City/New Jersey area.  She also blogs at Life Analyzed and can be followed as @ataratus on Twitter.  In her own words:

I am a certified Senior Professional in Human Resources with ten years of progressive experience as a human resource generalist, primarily in the field of legal HR.  I started my career working mostly on international recruiting, but over time I was promoted and given additional responsibilities in talent management, succession/workforce planning and policy development.  I am skilled at evaluating current processes and developing innovative solutions to on-going problems.  I am always looking for ways to be more efficient and effective in my work and encourage others to do the same.  As a leader, I believe that it is important to value my employees’ input and that I can motivate them by helping them to see why their efforts are important in the big picture.  I am looking for a manager or director of HR position in NJ/NYC for a mid to large size organization, focusing on talent management and strategic workforce planning.  My ideal company is one that is invested in their staff, offering training, career advancement and performance compensation, and having a commitment to work/life balance.  For more information about my background and to contact me, see my LinkedIn profile at  I also maintain a blog at


That’s me!  I’ll wrap this up by saying that I live in the Detroit area but I am open to relocation anywhere.  I have been profiled on Punk Rock HR (here) and Do the Work (here). Links to my LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter profiles are on the right column of this page.

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14 thoughts on “Carnival of HR – Special Employment Edition”

  1. JOAN! Awesome Job! Thanks for shining a light on so many wonderful people! I know I really appreciate it. A job well done!

  2. Great job showcasing people. Let’s go down a different path for a moment. I know 7 out of 8 of you (hi Amanda, I just followed you). If I knew of a position that might be of interest to any of you I would certainly broadcast it. I’m not special so it leads me to believe that most people reading this know most of you too and they would tell you if they knew of a position that might interest you too.

    Networking through social media apparently isn’t working for you, you have all been unemployed too long. Please don’t think I’m being unkind or rude, it’s truly not my intention. My intention is to provide something useful here.

    What Joan has done, perhaps unknowingly, is post people with various inter-related talents that apparently all know each other and don’t mind each other. What would happen if you took all the talent in this post and created a virtual HR/business services agency? Find a couple of unemployed account exec / business development types, an unemployed VA, an unemployed web developer and designer and an unemployed marketing person. Work out a revenue sharing model, sign agreements and go to work.

    Don’t be upset with me but you’re not being entrepreneurial and at the same time, despite the reams of wonderful content you blog, post, tweet and retweet, you’re not being “discovered” either. Yell back at me if you like, but all I’m trying to do here is kick you in the virtual butt in a good way – I know you didn’t ask me to =)

  3. Hmmmm… for clarification, the word “you” in this post is a collective term, not directed at Joan. –> A little bit of good natured flack has begun. Indeed, not everyone is entrepreneurial, but if a few of you could make it happen perhaps you could hire the others as consultants. The job market for HR is a way off from putting all our fantastic unemployed colleagues back to work. Trying something like this is a very low-risk proposition.

  4. Karla, I loved your take on the situation. Definately an idea worth exploring.
    I am an HR professional (fortunately employed) trying to wrap my thoughts around the social media hype. I also know some great HR professionals (just like the list Joan showcased – great job, Joan!) that would undoubtedly have a great impact on organizations, if hired. The over-rated social media has helped some people and is being in the test phase for numerous others. I wish all these and other similar pros, the best of luck!

  5. ahh, Karla, you spoke my mind! As I went through this blog, I kept thinking to myself, wow with this group of HR ppl, you guys can definitely start some sort of consultant business!

  6. I haven’t had the opportunity to read any of the good-natured flak, but I am going to presume that it has a lot to do with the fact that being a entrepreneur is just not something that everyone can do, regardless of their otherwise excellent qualifications.

    I will be the first to admit that the nature of employment in this country has changed dramatically, and there is going to be- if there is not already – a fundamental shift in the way we work. And, like any earthquake, people are going to fall through the cracks. Maybe me.

    And while increased entrepreneur-ship is part of this fundamental shift – it is MUCH HARDER than people want to believe. There is a reason that banks are not lending to small businesses and start-ups right now. Money is tight, and start-ups have a HUGE failure rate. So entrepreneurs can’t get any funding. If they can’t get bank funding, they have to dip into their own already-depleted savings or retirement funds, which may be too much of a hardship. So they are caught in a vicious circle.

    I can only speak for myself, but I have two reasons why I have not gone the “start a business/consulting firm route – any start-up takes a FIRE IN YOUR BELLY in order for you to make it work. And while I a good and hard worker – I am not sure I have the requisite fire to start my own firm and face all of the financial risk. I’m working toward that, but, in the meantime, I am still chasing down leads and making phone calls and writing emails.

    My second reason is that there is a school of thought that good HR cannot be done virtually. Frank Roche, for one, has blogged about this. I am one of those people that spends as much time on the production floor with employees as in my office, and tend to lean toward that school of thought. It creates a conflict within – become a virtual consultant because it may be economically advantageous, while believing that the best HR is done face-to-face.

    Surely you don’t advocate doing virtual work even if it is not something you want and/or like.

  7. It’s so great to see a “new name in the comments! I’m going to ask you the same thing I asked Thuy: you’re employed, so why not leave and start a consultancy or virtual company. Should this be limited to the unemployed?

  8. Thanks, Shauna! I really wish we had reached more people and I *do* think people are shy about identifying themselves as in transition. Another time, perhaps.

  9. One more comment, Karla. I was very concerned when I got the responses that we basically all know each other and remain in the echo chamber or bubble. That wouldn’t stop me from still having the Carnival, though. I can only speak for myself, but I know that online/social media networking is not ALL that I do. And the Carnival, even if it doesn’t help, certainly can’t hurt.

  10. sorry for my late reply but the reason I’m not thinking of consulting right now is because I don’t have the experience for it. I’m still at the beginning stage of my HR career. I would definitely consider consultant work later down the road!

  11. Joan, thanks so much for hosting this carnival. I think it was a great idea and am honored to be included.

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