FIVE TO FOLLOW – Your suggestions?

My local SHRM chapter, the Human Resources Association of Greater Detroit (HRAGD), is like most other organizations – a little behind the times when it comes to social media.  So I was pleased when the communications committee suggested an article about HR blogging for an upcoming newsletter, and chose to write the article about (blush, blush) me.   I was also asked to do a little sidebar-type article called “Five to Follow”, where I suggest five HR-related blogs that the membership should read.  The plan is that each month I will submit a list of 5 new blogs.

The dilemma, as I’m sure you are aware, is limiting my blog suggestions to just 5.  Right now my Google reader has a little more than 100 blog subscriptions.  I need to pick just 5, at least to start, and I NEED YOUR HELP!

I have some thoughts, but I really want to hear yours.  Which 5 HR blogs would you choose for beginners to start following?


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  1. Joan,

    I’m biased but here’s my list:

    1. Fistful of Talent/HR Capitalist (not a better colaboration Blog of HR talent around – I’m always amazed by the writing of the group)

    2. Seth Godin (bit sized leadership nuggets)

    3. Trizle (more easy to handle, solid insight)

    4. HR Bartender/HR Ringleader/ CincyRecruiter (Smart HR Women)

    5. Steve Boese’s HR Technology (HR Pros need more technology to be successful)

    I know there is more then five – but at least it’s smaller than 100! If I could only read these blogs on a daily/weekly basis – I’d be a better HR Pro because of it.

  2. Tim – thanks for including me on the list (even if I only squeaked on at #5).

    Here are my 5 suggestions, noting that I 100% agree with Tim’s (except for Godin) so I will submit 5 different ones

    1. ReHaul by Lance Haun – always solid, willing to take on a wide range of issues, pulls no punches

    2. HR Ringleader – Practical and always very informative. Lots of great topics and comments.

    3. KnowHR – Frank Roche keeps it simple, but meaningful at the same time which is not easy

    4. PunkRock HR – Maybe not for the faint of heart at your SHRM group, but consistently real and with a great engaged following

    5. Seiden Leadership – interesting, funny, and practical content and advice

    Great idea to share these with your friends at SHRM.


  3. Joah,

    The suggestions listed above are excellent– a good baseline for those that are well-known in the online HR community. I’m going to focus on the “road less traveled” (for the most part) and suggest a “practitioners” category. These are my favorite bloggers who are currently employed in either HR or Training. They are “reporting from the trenches” in a way that’s real-time and real-life.

    1. Dee Honner,
    2. Lisa Rosendahl
    3. Victorio Milian
    4. Dan McCarthy

  4. Congratulations on being highlighted by your chapter Joan! And I love the idea of you submitting 5 blogs each month that the members should check out. Hopefully, many will take your suggestions and find some great new resources.

    I’d struggle with only 5 too, but if pressed, I typically recommend these for HR pros just getting started with blogs:

    1. The HR Capitalist – Kris Dunn provides daily solid content and “in the trenches” advice for HR pros – with a fun sense of humor and often connects his posts to current events and other business writings/trends.

    2. Fistful of Talent – More solid, daily, fun content that’s also meaty stuff. I like the variety of voices and topics that show up there. HR is multi-faceted and this blog exposes HR pros to a good variety.

    3. Articles – While any Community member can blog within the ERE community (and there are many good blogs shared there), you can subscribe to the daily featured articles via The majority of HR pros need to stay on top of recruiting and talent management issues and by subscribing to this feed, they’ll be exposed to some true industry veterans and thought leaders like Sullivan, Wheeler, Adler, etc. Good stuff.

    4. HR Ringleader – Trish McFarlane is another HR pro who blogs about her experiences, thoughts and questions as a practicing HR leader. I’m sure her voice will resonate with many new blog readers who relate to Trish’s experiences.

    5. Punk Rock HR – Laurie Ruettimann adds a doce of humor and spice to HR and regularly pokes the beast. I like having her different voice in the mix of HR blogs I read. I don’t always agree with her, but I think that a good blogger provokes the reader to think about their own opinions. Laurie certainly does that.

    Geez – that was tough. There are so many more great blogs I’d recommend. At least you get to add 5 more each month.

    And thanks Tim Sackett for including me in the same sentence as some of the Women of HR that I truly admire!

  5. Joan, what a great idea to do this. I’ll point people new to HR/recruiting social media here now for sure. Thanks to those who included me on the list. Makes it all worthwhile for me to hear that people value what I’m writing.

    Whenever I have someone new to the space, I give them one of two blogs. For HR pros, it is always FOT. Hands down the best collaborative blog out there in our industry. I love the diversity of topics and writing styles. Every person I’ve sent there is happy to be there and reading each day.

    For recruiters, I always direct them to Jason Davis and Maren Hogan do an outstanding job of bringing some great blogs together including Punk Rock HR. You can’t go wrong by directing people to this site.

    Many of my personal faves have been named, so I’ll add:
    Mark Stelzner’s Inflexion Point (great leadership blog, very practical)
    Upstart HR by Ben Eubanks (HR energy that is contagious!)
    i2i by Paul Hebert (smart, smart, smart)

  6. I’d put KnowHR and Renegade HR on the top of the list. Great stuff. Trish would be my third recommendation. The other two are debatable but have already been listed by others. :-)

    I do some writing on SHRM chapters specifically, so that may be helpful. Also, I do RocketHR for my local chapter, and I try to make it inclusive of the more traditional demographic, so…

    Great job pushing social media and the great HR blogging community out there, Joan!

  7. What about this list that I found on your web site?


    * Acquire
    * Creative Chaos Consultant
    * Deeply Rutted
    * HR Bartender
    * HR Gumbo
    * HR Margo
    * HR Minion
    * HR Ringleader
    * Info Box
    * Junkyard HR
    * Pseudo HR
    * Punk Rock HR
    * Simply Lisa
    * The Human Racehorses
    * Upstart HR
    * Welcome to the Occupation

  8. thanks for the love, y’all!

    i was actually at the DC-area SHRM chapter meeting on wednesday doing a presentation on social media for HR pros… and we talked about blogs and the six i actually recommended they start reading were…

    Fistful of Talent
    HR Capitalist
    Renegade HR
    HR Bartender
    The Recruiter Guy

    love all those folks and appreciate the smarts they share so, so much.


  9. Here are five in no particular order, and obviously a list like this excludes many great blogs out there.

    Steve Boese’s HR Technology
    Renegade HR
    Fistful of Talent
    Creative Chaos Consultant
    HR Ringleader

    Just as importantly, I would tell them not to stop with HR blogs but to look for several solid business blogs, several in their specific industry, and several related to subjects they are passionate about. Sometimes we get too caught up in HR!

  10. Thanks to all of you above for sharing your thoughts and insight. As I said in the post, I could easily come up with a huge list of blogs, all wonderful, that I would happily recommend (even my own blog roll, Mike!). But narrowing it down to five blogs that are going to reel in the beginner and help them chose to get involved and reading is a far harder task. I knew that getting some comments would help me think through my tentative choices. I am also charged with making sure that those 5 choices excite people enough that the chapter wants to continue the feature on a monthly basis.

    I’ll share the sidebar article with you when I complete it. THANKS AGAIN, Tim, Steve, Jennifer Miller, Jennifer McClure, Trish, Ben, Mike, Jessica, Krista, and Ben!

  11. Late to the party. Here are mine.

    General business -Ask A Manager – all the unbelievable things you can learn from the people who ask the questions. It is fabulous.
    Thoughts from an HR leader -Lisa Rosendahl
    Thougths from someone on HR leadership – HR Bartender
    Help and tools for the job hunt – Susan M. Heathfield at (GREAT STUFF)
    Not sure where to start? Alltop –

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