I will step up my efforts with SHRM, local and national, to improve the HR community and help increase collaboration among members.

Sounds a little like a scout pledge, doesn’t it?

This was one of the goals I articulated last year for the Creative Chaos Consultant‘s “Put Up Or Shut Up” challenge (more on that challenge coming soon).  So, during fall conference season, it was reasonably imperative for me to attend my state SHRM conference.  Wasn’t it?

In making my fall conference plans, I discovered that Ohio‘s state SHRM was being held in Sandusky, Ohio, which is actually a tiny bit closer to my home than Grand Rapids, Michigan, site of the Michigan SHRM conference. I could easily and cheaply travel by car to attend either – but attending both was not in my budget or interest.  Looking at the sessions offered became the deal maker.  Here were two of my actual choices, one from Michigan and one from Ohio:

Actual name of Michigan session

Employer CONTROL versus USING social media? Should I learn how to help HR grow up and move forward, or listen to tired practitioners cling to archaic and outdated concepts? Michigan’s choices all seemed to encompass the latter.  I chose Ohio, and I was treated to informative, innovative, and thoughtful sessions.  As Steve Browne, Program Director for the 2010 Ohio Conference said at the beginning of one session, “if you are here just to get re-certification credits, let me ask you one question: WHY?”

I want so much to support my local and state organization, but not at the expense of my personal development.  Next year, I’ll be going back to Ohio.

If you had a choice, which SHRM state or local would you choose to invest in?

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4 thoughts on “OHIO 10-MICHIGAN 0”

  1. I’m so glad you came to the 2010 Ohio SHRM Conference Joan! I agree that Steve Browne and the OSHRM crew did a great job of providing some positive and informative content – and a few certification credits to boot – at the conference. I was honored to be included as a speaker – and also enjoyed attending the other sessions!

    Just think, it was only a year ago that I “met” you on Twitter as a result of you following my tweets from the conference and engaging with me. I’ve enjoyed getting to know you as a person (and in person) since that time. :)

  2. Wow !! Joan I am tickled and humbled that you posted this. I loved that you chose to come to #OHSHRM and can’t wait to have you back. We need more great, engaged people such as yourself to be at all of our State SHRM Conferences !!

  3. The thanks really go to you, Jennifer – as well as the other awesome speakers that made the experience so great. I heard lots and lots of positive comments and buzz in the halls and such after these sessions. I can’t remember attending conference that has generated that much electricity. I hope it’s not a year before I get to see you again!

  4. Steve, I actually intended to make more comparisons between Michigan and Ohio sessions, but I wanted to keep the blog short and was worried about sounding too shrill about the Michigan programs. I loved the way the audience was so obviously energized and excited after the sessions and I am really excited to come back next year!

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