Google Image Search – Here’s Mine. What’s Yours?

HR pros and recruiters repeat this message constantly:  Don’t post incriminating photos of yourself anywhere on the web.  Unless, of course, you want to be incriminated.  People giving career and job seeking advice also tell you to monitor your personal brand on the web.  That means keeping tabs on what you say, and what is said about you.  I heard this lesson repeated several times by the presenters at the recently held online conference The Career  Summit.

One of the tips made at The Career Summit is to use Google Alerts.  With Google Alerts, you can choose any topic or phrase and have “alerts” sent to you anytime that name or phrase appears in the computing cloud. Experts suggest using any name or company whose brand you want to monitor, starting with your own name.  I have my name searched once a day, and results are emailed to me.

It had been a while, though, since I did a Google image search on my name to see which pictures would be found by anyone searching my name. So, in a  fit of procrastination, I did one today.   Happily, the first page of search was my familiar head-over-my-right-shoulder avatar which appears on this blog and basically everywhere else on the web my name can be found.  Here are some of the other pictures that a “Joan Ginsberg”  Google image search yields:

A picture of me at United Meat & Deli. I think I know how this got on the Web - but it wasn't by my hand.
My friend Benjamin McCall. He posted a comment after mine on a blog. Google thinks he's me. It's a good thing he is so handsome!
The famous folk singer Joan Baez
Actress Christina Hendricks, who plays a character named Joan on the TV series Mad Men. I wish I looked like her. :-)
Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States Ruth Bader Joan Ginsburg. I jokingly call her my Auntie Ruth.

How about you?  What kind of images does a search of your name yield?  Show me or tell me in the comments below before December 23rd, 2010 and I will enter your name in a drawing for a $25 Starbucks card.

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8 thoughts on “Google Image Search – Here’s Mine. What’s Yours?”

  1. There are pics of me, my dog, my mom, a couple with Laurie Ruettimann, several pics of fellow bloggers/social media personalities (Robin Schooling’s avatar, Steve Boese, China Gorman (2x), several LCD computer monitors, and, for wathever reason, several of Cathie Black

  2. There are a ton of people with my name, so most of the pictures are of other ladies, but there are several of my avatars (from my blog, Twitter, and Facebook) that popped up, too. Nothing incriminating- phew!

  3. Great post Joan. This is not something I have done in awhile. Happy to report I get several “approved” head shots posted by me, an @hr_minion GRRR shot, a Doe Anderson logo obviously related to a @crystalpeterson post and if you have ever posted in/on/with Laurie Ruettimann’s stuff it gets the high SEO. Several that follow are of some basket maker’s work who shares my name. Thanks for the housekeeping reminder!

  4. Most of the images on a google search are me, or my lovely redheaded avatar… with one inexplicable image of @brentcpayne and a character from toy story. It was a night of debauchery, but I really wasn’t there, nor were any Toy Story characters assaulted in the course of the evening.

    haven’t done that search in a while… thanks for the reminder. :) You need to come visit Cleveland. Because we are here, and I have good wine.


  5. Thanks, Matt! I checked your images out – fun to find out that your mom is a singer/choral director. That was my first major at MSU back in . . . well, it was ages ago! I guess that those of us that are active in the HR social media world are prone to getting each others images attached to our names. Talk about a clique . . .

  6. Megan, I love the name of your blog! It’s always great to “meet” new people and I hope this can be the start of a beautiful connection. :-)

  7. I had to check out those baskets! Do people ever confuse you with her? I always presume it’s easy to find the real me on the web because my name isn’t common and I don’t have an author or artist or someone famous with higher SEO to compete with.

  8. Your redheaded avatar IS lovely – but not as lovely as the real you! The post really was meant as a reminder, but it was fun for me to check out the commenters, too. I will make it to Cleveland to visit, but I really want to know how a southern gal like you is handling the winter so far. Wine helps, I know.

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