A Personal Note For SHRM11 (Day Minus 1)

Just call me Marla Hooch.

Remember her from the 1992 movie A League Of Their Own?  Marla is a powerhouse baseball player, but is socially awkward and physically unattractive.  Even her name is supposed to be funny.

Marla’s character reaches a crossroads in the film when she is a little drunk after a night in a bar, and sings the classic torch song “It Had To Be You” to a gentleman she has met there. Her singing is horribly off key and her gestures overly dramatic and unintentionally comical. She looks and sounds, in a word, ridiculous.

But Marla doesn’t know or care how ridiculous she is, because she is singing with her whole heart and with love to her man. And he accepts her efforts with gratitude and adoration. 

As a blogger, sometimes I think I may look and sound like Marla Hooch to whatever readers I have. I don’t show up on blogrolls, and I doubt that I will ever be on anyone’s “read-this-blog” list. There is probably a large audience of people who are saying to themselves (and others), “Why does she do this? Doesn’t she know how ridiculous she looks?”

I blog for the same reason that Marla Hooch was singing to Nelson: deep, heartfelt emotion, and a desire to use that stage to connect and convey that emotion to the audience – even if that audience is only one person, and even if I don’t do it all that well.

I don’t expect you to love and adore me back (that could get kind of creepy ;-)), but I do thank you from the bottom of my heart if you have read today’s blog this far, because

I wandered around, and finally found
The somebody who could make me be true

It had to be you.

Back to SHRM tomorrow. Thanks again.

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2 thoughts on “A Personal Note For SHRM11 (Day Minus 1)”

  1. Sometimes I feel similarly about my own blog.For me, sometimes it is hard to keep going when I feel like I am talking to myself. Then someone will mention [face to face; rarely on the comments] how much they like what I’m doing and as much as maybe we should be completely self-motivated, I must say it feels good!

    I’m going to have to go back and watch that movie again…

  2. I keep telling myself that I blog for myself and not my audience, but that isn’t entirely true. Employees can enjoy their jobs and feel satisfied for a mission well accomplished, but HR knows that recognition and engagement is extremely important to that employee’s well-being, too.

    I got a very nice twitter comment on this post from someone I had never seen before and wasn’t following – that, and the +1 this post got, makes me think I am doing *something: right. I think you are, too.

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