SHRM11(Day Minus 3)- Business Casual – Rant or Rave?

The temperature in Las Vegas is going to be 107 degrees today. By Sunday, when SHRM officially starts their conference, the temperature is supposed to cool down to a frosty 101 degrees. As a girl, I think that is just about perfect weather for a sundress and flip flops. Throw a light sweater or pashmina in my bag in case the air conditioning is blasting too high, and I’m good to go.

I wasn’t too worried that a sundress and flip flops are a violation of SHRM’s “business casual” dress code, because no one really knows what “business casual” ¬†means, not even Wikipedia: ¬†“The interpretation of business casual differs widely among organizations and is often a cause of confusion.” The fact that Wikipedia even HAS an entry about business casual means that no one really knows what it is and has to look it up.

Wikipedia does say, though, that attire that is “inappropriately revealing”, such as flip-flops, is unacceptable as business casual for either gender. And given that everyone has advised me to wear comfortable shoes, I think this footwear is the better choice:

I’m fairly certain that athletic shoes don’t fit any definition of “business casual”, either, but I’ve been able to choose my own clothes for a really long time now, and I don’t need any assistance from SHRM.

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8 thoughts on “SHRM11(Day Minus 3)- Business Casual – Rant or Rave?”

  1. I’m sticking with black shirts, jeans, and sneakers as my de rigueur fashion choice for Vegas. So, go for it. Rave!

  2. Footwear is the most difficult part of SHRM! You have to be ready to do miles of walking around the convention center without killing your feet. I always see women wearing insane heels around the exhibit hall. I don’t know how they do it!

  3. Cover up those cankles ladies! Make sure those roots are colored! Don’t forget to wear that large, bejeweled kitty cat broach!

    As if any of these have anything to with being a great HR pro….

  4. Shoes are really what I have to have comfort in…my trusty New Balance or light weight hiking shoes are the ticket, business casual or not. That much walking in anything else guarentee sore feet.

  5. I can’t wear heels, Cori, because I had foot surgery last fall that hasn’t healed yet. It’s Fit Flops or tennies no matter what the dress code. If those women could see into their foot future, they’d skip the stilletto – trust me.

  6. I’m with you, John. Those New Balances in the picture are the only thing I can wear for more than an hour or so right now. I’ll be taking some Vicodin along anyway, because I am guaranteed to have sore feet by the end of the day regardless. Dress code be damned.

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