Can You Imagine?

My daughter Amy recently published a book. (Yes, that was a shameless plug for this. ;-))

Her official launch party was this week, which meant we needed to make a run to Costco for beverages. Before we went, we were standing in my kitchen discussing exactly how much wine we should buy for the crowd by determining how many ounces were in a standard 750 ML bottle, and how many ounces a crowd of 100 – getting free wine -was going to drink.

During this discussion, Amy was working furiously on her iPhone, converting milliliters to ounces and doing other forms of math. Since I really, really suck at math, I looked at her and remarked how nice it was that we had the capability to do these complex equations right here and now, without mistake.

She said, “I know! Can you imagine what it would be like without it?”

Um, yeah.

I don’t even need to imagine, because I remember the days when calculators didn’t exist at all. You used a pencil and paper and did the math by hand, or used a slide rule. ¬†How many ounces in a milliliter? Dunno – better go the library to find out.

Back in those days I really couldn’t imagine a world with microwave ovens, or video games, or portable phones. But now that I live in an era with some of the most amazing devices and conveniences, I try to stop and remember what it was like without them, because it makes me so much more patient and appreciative.

Today I was pitching social media services to a potential client and he asked me what the future was going to bring. Maybe social media will be gone in 5 or 10 years, he said, and something else will replace it. I responded that I had no clue what the future was going to bring, but that wasn’t going to keep me from embracing and advocating what we need and have, right here and now.

I can imagine it’s just going to get better and better.