Legal Concerns – Video Job Interviews


4 thoughts on “Legal Concerns – Video Job Interviews”

  1. Great video post Joan. Super advice. Think about your video interview environment just like you think about your outfit you would wear to the interview. “Art Direct” your space. Even coordinate your room color background with your clothes. You can actually work your environment to your favor if you would like to purposefully drop subtle hints about your skill and attention to detail. As a graphic designer, a video interview “set” should be highly considered as part of your interview portfolio. But, any job in any industry can benefit if you make an effort to contrive your background a bit if appropriate. You are, in a way, putting on a show.

  2. Thanks for the comment, Lyn. My video was long enough just dealing with the legal aspects, so I didn’t delve into candidate advice at all.

    I think you should do a video focusing on that – I love your “art direct’ analogy. #justsayin

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