You Don’t Have To Pay To Be Inspired

(Friends – some of you know that I am starting a new life chapter. I am in the process of moving to Florida, where I hope to meet and work with a whole new group of HR and social media people. But packing and moving is time consuming, so I am going to apologize for not posting my blog for the next month or so. Bear with me – I’ll be back!)

Some of you may remember that I poked fun at SHRM a while back for booking Michael J. Fox as a keynote speaker. He’s a purely inspirational speaker, and my argument at the time was that there were more pressing issues concerning the field of human resources to be discussed, and that he wasn’t the person we needed to discuss them.

This week, while looking into Transform, the new conference hosted by TLNT, I sadly discovered another reason to argue against the use of  high-end motivational or inspirational speakers: they drive the cost of conference attendance too high for the average HR practitioner to attend.

Now, to be fair to TLNT, I can’t say for sure that their speakers are purely inspirational in content, and maybe they all will have some real world, practical solutions that a practitioner can take back to work and immediately implement.

Okay, the moon is made of cheese.

I know this for sure, though – their 2 day conference cost is a whopping $1200-1600. That’s as high as SHRM’s national conference, with far fewer sessions and speaker choices. They don’t even have Hall & Oates or Keith Urban.

I don’t need to pay a huge sum of money to be inspired. Inspiration is all around me, cost-free. Here are some examples of every day people who have inspired me recently:

  • Jennifer DuRocher – a flyball and Facebook friend who recently lost over 140 pounds. Her incredible story was recently¬†featured on a local news station.
  • Bryan Wempen – as the host of Drive Thru HR he is familiar name to many of you. Bryan (a grandfather!) decided to get fit and start running, so he could participate in a memorial race for a friend. He recently completed his first 1/2 marathon.
  • Branden Ginsberg – yes, he’s related (stepson), but after a long battle with drug addiction and a prison term, he is drug-free, healthy, and has kept his job for over 2 years.

All of these people motivate and inspire me to do better things. I don’t have to pay a cent or pack a suitcase.

What about you? Is there someone in your life that you find inspirational? Leave a comment and share the story. :-)




6 thoughts on “You Don’t Have To Pay To Be Inspired”

  1. Joan, you are inspiring to me even though we have never met in person (and that will soon change as you’ll be just a drive away along Alligator Alley). I appreciate your wit and wisdom and know that you won’t be leaving this behind in Michigan.

  2. Many thanks for your comment, Suzanne! I am excited about the move, and I fully intend to make the drive across Alligator Alley a lot. In fact, part of the reason for choosing Naples was because my DH can drive across the Alley and land in Fort Lauderdale for business reasons, but not live there (he hates the traffic and crowds on the Atlantic side). And you are always welcome to visit me in Naples!

  3. Joan!
    You’re leaving the Mitten state! And before we’ve had a chance to connect in person! I hope all your transitions are going smoothly. I agree about low cost/free inspiration. All you have to do is visit, poke around for a relevant video, and inspiration is a mere 20 minutes away. With so much free content online, conferences will have to truly step up their game to continue to attract an audience – and manage costs at the same time.


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