SHRM Chat – December 2011

So what happened to SHRM Chat – November 2011? Lots of things.

November was the inaugural month of the Twitter #SHRMChat, where interested folks could spend an hour on Twitter discussing how to leverage and use social media for the benefit of their state and/or local SHRM chapter. Before the first chat, I spent some time researching the different ways chats were conducted and the formats people were using successfully. Being a boomer with slowing reflexes and arthritic hands, I thought that having a specific set of questions would work best.

I was wrong.

There were a lot of enthusiastic and knowledgeable attendees, and they wanted to TALK. I was trying to tweet from two different accounts, my personal account and my SHRM local account, and I just couldn’t follow the conversations sufficiently to gain any in-depth insight. Also, people wanted very much to add to the published questions, and either did so with abandon, or were shy about intruding on the format.

I also promised to blog a recap of the discussion. That didn’t happen, either. Too much personal stress and a massive time-suck caused by a cross-country move.

This month I hope to do better.

I would like to back up a bit and sort of start over. I would like to discuss the chat format itself.  The topic is: “How can we use #SHRMChat to intelligently and effectively discuss how to use social media for betterment of our state and local chapters?”

If you have some insights and suggestions that you would like to share before the chat, please leave your thoughts in the comments, or email/FB message me directly.  Even if you can’t attend the chat, I will make sure your voice is included.

Join us on TUESDAY, DECEMBER 13th, from 8-9 pm Eastern (7-8 Central) on Twitter using hashtag #SHRMChat.

Let’s do this right – together!


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