SHRM Chat December – The Recap


As I mentioned in my last blog, I wanted to step back a little for the December SHRM Twitter Chat (our second) and start over. So, as announced, we began with a discussion of format, and which Twitter chat format would best facilitate communication among the participants.

Some people didn’t have any opinion at all, but those that did felt that the best format was the predetermined theme or subject, with 2-4 related questions. This was the same format I tried in the first (November) chat, but I am willing to give it another try. Hopefully, as people get used to the chat and the format, it will be comfortable for everyone.

Because it was suggested that we have a SHRM staff member present to answer questions, the discussion moved into one of SHRM and their social media efforts and assistance in general. Thank goodness that Curtis Midkiff,  SHRM Director of Social Engagement, was present at the chat and helped facilitate this portion of the discussion. He has been an invaluable part of SHRM Chat and will obviously continue to be.

The major points from this part of the chat were

  1. We all (volunteer leaders and SHRM staff) need to collaborate on collecting best practices to share with SHRM and chapters/councils that are social media newbies.
  2. Many volunteer leaders are highly resistant to social media and we need to get them more involved in activities (such as SHRM Chat).
  3. Making social media use a SHAPE requirement instead of an option would help increase social media use.
  4. SHRM field leaders need to be more proficient in social media if they are going to encourage and help their regions.
  5. SHRM needs to teach State councils the technical aspects of conference sharing such as live stream, and they need to be taught and understand why those sharing strategies would be a source of revenue and engagement.
Curtis did state that there was a SHRM social media guide in the works for 2012, which would be a mix of “how-to” and strategy for chapters looking to adopt social media.

One of the best comments on the whole subject of SHRM and social media came at the end of the discussion from John Jorgenson of ILSHRM: “We Know Next” needs to be more than a slogan.” Social media is clearly part of “the Next”, but SHRM seems to be behind when it comes to the knowing. It was agreed by all that Curtis is doing a great job, but he needs help. Let’s give it to him.

Please join us on January 10, 2012 at 8pm Eastern/7pm Central (same time the second Tuesday of every month) for our next SHRM Chat (Twitter hashtag #SHRMChat).


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  1. Thanks for posting this Joan. If it will help anyone, here is a link to the draft for my social media initiatives at my chapter. Things have been made easier with National and our State Council emphasizing that social media is important. Some chapters are way ahead of us and some are just beginning. Hope this info will help the beginners. Sorry I have had conflicts the last few chat sessions. But, I am reading and listening! @designtwit

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