June #SHRMChat Recap


Most people who participated in #SHRMChat in June wanted to skip the first two questions – what will SHRM do for your state/local – and dig right into the third- what should SHRM do?

Fair enough.

But in discussing the things that SHRM chatters felt that the national organization should do to for and with the local and state organizations, one theme or idea drove all of the specific suggestions:

The SHRM national organization is out of touch with what is happening at the state and local level.

So what did our chatters suggest SHRM could do to improve this situation? Some ideas:

  •  Send more SHRM staff to state and local functions. Right now, this responsibility seems to be born entirely by the field staff.
  •  Do more to collect data and information on local practices. Make these databases available online so other chapters and councils can view them.  Extend online accessibility to those databases that SHRM already maintains on the locals.
  • Help more to provide quality speakers and programs.  One tweeter even suggested a public feedback mechanism – Yelp for SHRM.
  • Allow locals and states to tap into conference enhancements that SHRM is already utilizing. The smart phone app being used by SHRM for its annual conference was used as an example of the kind of service that could be shared in some way with states and locals, even if there was a need to pay a fee, if the service was competitively priced.
  • Make social media a Core Leadership Area. Identify social media as a CLA and then give locals and states the resources to develop that area the way other CLAs are.  At least one chatter also suggested the inclusion of Conference Director as a CLA. 

Finally, there was also a robust discussion about certification credits through the Human Resources Certification Institute. I am not going to summarize that discussion here, though, because I think that HRCI credits is deserving of its own special chat, so I will save the HRCI recap for a future chat. I also promise to try very hard at SHRM 12 to get someone from HRCI to commit to attending that chat.

Unfortunately, logistics prevented us from doing the second part of the June chat live from Atlanta and the annual SHRM conference. However, we may be able to get some staffers to answer questions formulated around the June chat and recap and post them in blog format. So if you have questions to ask, leave them in the comments for submission to SHRM.

The next #SHRMChat will be on JULY 10th at 8pm EST/7pm CST. We will be discussing all things conference – annual, state, and local. JOIN US!