Workplace Fraud Prevention

When I was at the annual SHRM conference in June, one of my jobs as an official blogger was to post on SHRM’s conference blog site called Buzz. While I was there I wrote and submitted a post called 5 Awesome Vendors. One of the vendors I wrote about in that post was i-Sight Software.

If you go back and read that post you will notice that I was choosing to spotlight vendors that had gone the extra mile to engage the bloggers, instead of begging to get the bloggers to write about them (for free). i-Sight was chosen as one of my 5 awesome because they asked to interview me, which is a total 180 from how it is usually done.

Yesterday i-Sight posted the blog I was interviewed for, which was about fraud prevention for the small business. You can find it here.

Please give it a read and help support vendors that work to engage the HR community instead of just trying to sell things to them.