September #SHRMChat Cancelled

Why should my Facebook friends be the only ones who get to see these pictures?

One week ago (September 4th) I had total knee replacement surgery. And I mean total, because I had both of them done at the same time.

Apparently I think I am Superman or Wonder Woman, because I thought that this surgery meant I would be in the hospital for a couple of days and then my life would go back to normal. After all, when you replace a part on your car, you drive away with a better car. Immediately.

But all of the digging and cutting and tourniquet-ing that the surgeon had to do to create new knees means that none of the muscles in my leg know how to work.

And there is a lot of pain. Damn, there is a lot of pain.

The front looks good compared to the back.

So the medication and the pain are forcing me to put my entire life on hold for another week or two until I can quit taking so many meds and I can string together a lucid thought or two. And that means SHRMChat is just not on the radar tonight.

Thanks for sticking with me – and SHRMChat – during this little glitch. We’ll be back next month!

(Join us on October 9th at 8 p EST/7P CST for October SHRMChat.)


4 thoughts on “September #SHRMChat Cancelled”

  1. So sorry to hear you are still hurting, Kim! I am thankful that I have improved hugely since I posted this. Still pretty stiff, but pain is subsiding every day. I hope you improve, too!

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