Get Outta’ My Chair (and Off My Toilet)

Botsford Cancer Center (Michigan). Only a teeny tiny sliver of MY chair is visible all the way to the left (behind the counter).


During my first two years of undergrad I lived in a older dormitory, the kind with a bedroom for two people and community bathrooms and showers on each floor for all residents to share.

The bathroom had about 10 individual stalls, but I always – and I do mean always – used the same one. For two years. If my stall was occupied when I entered the bathroom, which rarely happened, I waited if I could, even if all the other stalls were empty.

Goofy, right?

If you think about it, though, you probably do the same. Maybe not with a toilet, but by using the same chair in your dining room, kitchen, or family room.  Jokes abound about people and their demand for their kids or dogs to get out of THEIR chair. Sitting in a nearby chair – even if the view, seat, or ambience is better – makes most people extremely uncomfortable. And really, isn’t sleeping on the same side of the bed every night the same thing?

A friend of mine who is dealing with bladder cancer recently started a blog about his journey. In his blog he mentioned that he had found HIS chair at the chemo center. I get it, bro’, because I visit a chemo center, too, where I receive infusions for chronic iron deficiency anemia. In two different states I have done the same – found a chair I liked and then sat there every single visit.  Unless some moron was in MY chair.  😉

I have no idea why people do this. Even people who are normally adventuresome, eating new foods and trying new things, will still find their way to the same chair (and probably toilet, but no one mentions that part) in their daily routines.

People like me who blog in the HR/talent management/workplace space are often telling people that they should not let the fear of failure prevent them from trying, because lack of trying is failure itself.

But not when it comes to changing your chair or toilet. I’m with all of you who will not ever consider it.


 Are you brave enough to admit your attachment to your seat? 


4 thoughts on “Get Outta’ My Chair (and Off My Toilet)”

  1. True story…. In one job that I started about 10 years ago, I worked on the top floor where there were only about 7 people – mostly senior – and a conference room on the floor – and for most of the time I was there, only 2 women (the bosses secretary and me). The ladies room had two stalls. The secretary and I actually had the discussion shortly afteri arrived about which stall “belonged to” whom. Of course, occasionally there were visitors – mostly to the conference room.

  2. Joan, I can’t do it…I can’t agree with you here…or there…or on your chair! :-) I like sitting in different places, I like seeing things from different perspectives, I like a different view.

    I am sure I’m a creature of habit on some things but when it comes to where I sit, I can’t think of any attachment! :-)

    I love the analogies one can make from this post…and I just may have to write about them!

    Scoot over,


  3. You’re a better woman than me, Heather. But if we took a poll, and people answered honestly, I think you would be outnumbered, chair and toilet-wise.

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