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My apologies, folks, but I have been sicker than a dog for the past 10 days or so. I know I’m sicker because my dog got well in about a week and I am still fighting this. 😉

Writing anything readable is hard -for me, at least – under any circumstances, but when you have to jump up and run to the bathroom every 15 minutes or so it becomes an impossibility.

But like a white knight in the nick of time, the fine PR folks at the HR Blogger Network are allowing the network to share the following video with you, so I won’t leave you high and dry this week. It’s a preview from Joshua Waldman, author of Job Searching With Social Media for Dummies.

Take two minutes to check it out – especially the part that reminds you that it is called a headline on LinkedIn – not a job title. One of my pet peeves.


Message From the Universe?

One of most respected and influential blogs in the HR/Recruiting world is called Punk Rock HR, written by Laurie Ruettiman.  She has a straightforward style; honest and biting.  She’s a great read; I love her and her stuff.

In her blog this week she wrote:

If you haven’t been able to find a job in two years within your field, the universe is sending you a message. You are no longer part of that field. It’s time to broaden your search. You should have expanded it six months ago, but I don’t want to judge you.

Look for something else. Now.

Shit.  Did I waste all of those hours studying for that difficult Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) exam so I could broaden my search to include . . .what?  I thought I was already making my search broad by moving from “lawyer” to “human resources professional”.  Should I be looking for general office/receptionist positions? How many employers will send me packing if I even TRY to get a less specialized job?  I’ve already been labeled over-qualified.

Up until now, I’ve maintained a fairly upbeat attitude.  Most of the job-seek advisors tell you to, and it’s not hard for me to maintain hope and optimism.  I’m basically a cheerful person, not prone to blaming anyone else for my troubles.

Her words scared me, though, because it’s been 18 months of unemployment for me.  Is it time to quit believing that the right job will show up eventually?

Instead of “Shoot for the moon, you may land among the stars”, should my mantra be “Shoot for Mt. Everest, you may land ragged and bleeding in a deep crevasse”?


Friends?  A little help here.  What do you think?