Luck, Fate, or Divine Intervention?

I walked out of my hotel room in Madison, Wisconsin, suitcase in tow, preparing to check out and leave town.  I walked about 30 feet to the elevators and abruptly stopped.  I turned around, walked back to the door, and fumbled for my key card.  I found it and went back into the room, set my suitcase by the door, and stopped.

Why did I come back to the room?  Truthfully, I. had. no. clue.

“I must have forgotten something”, I thought to myself.  So I looked in the bathroom, in the closet, opened all of the drawers.  Nothing.

Just when I grabbed the handle of the suitcase, preparing to leave again and kicking myself in my not-insubstantial- butt for being a dotty old woman, I saw it.  My light grey (or gray) blazer, its color washed out by the bright Wisconsin sunshine streaming into the room, lying on the unmade bed sheets.  I picked it up and left the room again, complete.

Losing this blazer wouldn’t have meant the end of my world, or hugely impacted my life,  and I don’t know if it was luck, fate or the divine. I am glad for it anyway, although  I do wish it would help me find my primary set of car keys, which have been missing for 3 weeks now.

Which do you think it is? Do you have a story of luck, or fate, or divine intervention?  Let’s hear it.

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